Secrets to Dating Asian Women…

Start Chatting!Any man who has had success with an Asian woman will understand what is meant when I say:

“There is a Secret to Dating Asian Women”

  • You see dating Asian women is a different game from dating women in your country.
  • Courtship for an Asian woman has a different set of rules from what Western women are accustomed too.
  • Sex has a different meaning from how it is perceived in the West.

Chat with an Asian Beauty Now!

To put it bluntly Asian women think differently.

Yes I know Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but Asian Women well they’re from a different galaxy!

Let’s look at why they are so different (and alluring) after all when you are dating Asian women you want to be armed with as much “insider knowledge” as possible

  • Asian women’s beliefs, morals and expectations are built on a foundation of Confucism and in a sense they struggle with their own independent identity.
  • Asian women sense of what is important is different – they need to make statements through high fashion and global brands.
  • Asian women’s desire for your attention is not what you would expect either. On early dates they can be remarkably ineffectual.

And let’s be honest here, until you really work out how to use these differences to your advantage; you’ll find it hard to truly unlock your Asian woman’s heart.

Let’s just pause here for a moment and really take in what I’ve just said.

Think about it…because the ramifications are important.

Dating Asian Women – Are You Serious?

If you are serious in you intentions of finding and dating an Asian woman, either as a partner, a wife or as a long term girlfriend, you should weigh these insights with care.

We’re not talking about a different taste in food, or a different sense of fashion.
We’re talking here about the very qualities that make up a relationship.

Consider these questions…

  • How are you going to reconcile a different sense of belief in your partner?
  • How are you going to accommodate a sexual relationship that is being perceived from a different perspective?
  • How are you going to fulfil your Asian woman’s expectations if you don’t know what those expectations are?

Are you going to ask her?

Well you could …

But you’re not going to get an answer because, my friend, that is not how an Asian woman works – No you’re gonna have to work it out for yourself or kiss the idea of an Asian romance goodbye.

Dating Asian Women: Read Between The Lines

Asian women will only tell you what they think you want to hear. They will rarely, if ever tell you what they truly feel.

A problem you may think – well it is and it isn’t…it depends on how you use it…

If you listen to what is said – and believe it, then yes you can fall into trouble, but if you step back and consider what she is saying through the medium of her eyes then you’ll begin to understand the dynamics of your relationship.

Many men have asked me:

“How do you read an Asian woman’s heart?”

My answer is and has always been the same.

Look into her eyes – learn how to perceive them. Understand the emotions that are shielded underneath their depth.

Asian women always avoid eye contact if they can, because they know it is where they are vulnerable. Penetrate them if you can and you’ll begin to understand what your relationship is about – you don’t need fancy words or courtship rituals – you need intense eye contact with her to begin to unlock your Asian beauty’s desires. When you’re dating Asian women this will improve your hit rate.

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How To Date Asian Women With Success

If you want to learn how to date Asian women then the first thing you need to do is find an Asian woman to date.

Simple isn’t it?

Well not really…‘cos although there are more Asian women on the planet than any other, most don’t speak great English.

And unless you live in China or Japan or somewhere else exotic in the East getting access to real Asian beauties is not that simple.

Unless, of course,


Join an Asian Dating Agency

Now you’ve got your free ones which we don’t recommend because the quality ain’t great and the chances of getting ripped off in the long run is high.


You’ve got premium dating agencies – where you’re gonna meet some top Asian tottie! Plus you have an infrastructure which will protect you if any issues arise.


So let’s take it that you’re all signed in. You’re profile is up (and looking good) and your beginning to realise:

“Wow – there are some seriously gorgeous ladies to pick from”

Clang – indecision, indecision – what do I do?

Well friend, get dating

  • chat,
  • relax,
  • enjoy and be yourself

Find those ladies who you’re sharing chemistry with…and then go for it

OK so let’s consider some things you should do during your early dating spree

5 Tips on How to date Asian Women

  1. Be a little bit rough around the edges. Any Asian woman who is up for some foreign man dating is gonna be open minded. She’s looking for a “real man” and expects things to be a little unpredictable. Don’t be a fake gentleman – be kind, considerate and attentive for sure, but a bit rough and imperfect too – it will turn her on
  2. DO EMOTION – Asian women inherit huge filial pressure and really struggle to find emotional channels to let off steam. She really, really wants to know how to do it. You however have been brought up in the independent West where “anything goes” and emotional feelings are far from repressed. Show her your emotional maturity, guide her feelings and thoughts and she’ll be seriously finding it difficult to avoid falling for you.
  3. DO RELIGION – Forget all that crap written about “you should never discuss religion with women from China” Let me tell you a secret…She really wants know. It fascinates her, it intrigues her…Virgin births, priests, bells and incense…play this right and you’ll have her confessing her heart in no time.
  4. BREACH THE SUBJECT OF SEX…Yes, bring it up discreetly early on in your conversation – nothing crude of course – but address it, plant it in her mind.
  5. TOUCH HER – When you say good bye – touch her softly either on her ass or (if you’re not so confident) just above her waistline on her back. It’s important she feels your touch – she’ll remember and acknowledge it in her mind. It will set you up for more intimate encounters on the next date.

Yes, I know this is not the usual dating advice you’ll read in those crappy magazines. But trust me I have dated and known a lot of Asian women and I know how to date Asian women with success. Follow these sure fire tips and you’ll be well on your way to a taste of Asian Heaven.

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3 Questions That Turn Her On…

Let’s cut the crap and get straight to the point. You want a foreign bride – yeah! You’re into foreign women…And you want to get into those foreign panties as quickly as possible – ha!

Well hit her with 3 questions that turn her on. Flick of a switch guaranteed!

Wow – let’s stop there a minute – I mean you’re telling me that I can make any foreign hottie steam and pout at the flick of a switch.

Yeah Buster – and I don’t mean any old foreign girl – I mean the hottest of the hot – you know the ones that make you chase your tail…doggy style! Those spit roastingly hot ones!

Woe-hoe Joe – tell me more!

Well these 3 questions that turn her on are so simple that you’ll smack you’re brains for missing them, but you know how it is… hardly any guys out there are tuned into these little beauties – that’s why they fail – that’s why they don’t get laid, that’s why they’ll never experience the pleasure of exploding their load over women whom even Zeus would be proud to bed.

Ah whatever – go suck you loser suckers.

But you my friend are a player (or you should be if you’re reading this).

So let me tell you a little secret. My buddy Vince DiCarlo (I call him Vinnie – it’s more mean) has laid it out for you, plain as Jane could be, so that you don’t need to be one of those losers dreaming a dream. BTW I call them loser suckers ‘cos they …um… suck.

Nah! shag the lot of them, rather than suck you can **** –  and man you can have it where ever you want. On a yacht, in the back of your limo, on her Dad’s bed, on top of Mt Everest, whatever – you know where ever tickles your fancy…really! And you can have it with any foreign bitch you want – ah damn that, why not a few of them at the same time – if you’ve got the energy…Yeah you’ll have the energy if I tell you, after you’ve had your wicked way you can lie back, light up your Dravidoff monster while your foreign ladies lick up the mess. Phoaw

Anyhow enough of the soft stuff – lets get down to the hardcore details. These three questions that turn her on…

Yeah these 3 questions that turn her on man – what are they?

Well you don’t expect me to plaster them all over the net for free do ya? I mean lean, mean Vince DiCarlo is not having it (he likes me, Vinnie does – but not that much)  he’s the boss and he needs his cut!

Anyways – had a little word in his ear a few weeks back and said “man, this stuff is Roger rock hard and it’s so damn effective – do ya’ mind if I share a little of it with a few of my mates?”

“Ha!” he says “Your mates JJ – they’re my type for sure and they deserve a little luv success, but I’m buggered if I’m gonna let the cat out the bag – I tell ya what…you give them a little teaser, you know wet their beaks a bit”

Well the boss is the boss and he’s a good boss too, but whatever the boss says goes.

So here we are my friends, a little teaser of the power you’ll have with these power packed punches – by the way, if you still dig a little local pussy from time to time…well…these questions will work a charm with her too.

The ultimate 3 questions that turn her on…

Question No 1

The “Time Line” question – tap her with this one and you’ll have the psychological nous to take her how and where you want.

Question No. 2

The “Sex Line” question – crucial informatics that once mastered will have her squirting her luv stuff all over the bedroom wall.

Question No 3

The “Relationship Line” question – floor her with this and she will literally eat from your right hand while your left hand’s index finger is up her foreign ***.

Ok busters that’s it from me for now

…but wait, before we go, let me ask you a question.

Are you a sucker or a ****er?

If you answered “sucker”  then sod off and don’t come back – you don’t belong here – rather go read some useless “find your mate” advice from Psychic Simone’s Seduction Secrets or whatever – ha, you’ll never learn – loser!

If you answered ****er…then my friend, do as I say.

Go get your wallet and take out your credit card. Click on the link below (yes that’s the thing highlighted in blue under this paragraph) – Watch Vince’s Vid…then place the order and cough up the cash for the secrets that will have every foreign hottie blowing your balls away.

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P.S. you did as I say…yeah…Oh whatever… it’s your life not mine.

P.P.S. BTW Vince is mean (and he makes women scream) but he’s an honest guv too – if it don’t work out for you he’ll probably give you a prompt and courteous refund within the 60 days.

Best International Dating Sites

After extensive independent research Foreign Brides Review is happy to list what it considers to be the best international dating sites for a western man searching for a foreign bride.

For further reading on each individual site feel free to click through to the relevant dating sites reviews. Alternatively you can register at the site you feel is the best match. All registrations are free.

We wish you the best in your pursuit of the “perfect bride”.

A Foreign Affair

Best International Dating Site – A Foreign Affair
Rating: ★★★★★

I strongly recommend that you check out A Foreign Affair. With introductions to hot women from all over the globe it is an ideal website to get a real feel for foreign women. A Foreign Affair – its website address is – specialises in Romance Tours; so if you are serious about finding a bride you will find a wealth of information regarding a visit to your potential bride’s home country. A great dating website for the serious suitor.

Read our Review of

==>>Click Here to Visit A Foreign Affair<<==


Anastasia Dating Service

Best Russian Dating Website – AnastasiaDate
Rating: ★★★★½

AnastasiaDate undoubtedly has the fittest Russian brides on the planet frequenting its services. If you are the type who appreciates eye candy you’ll be in for a treat here. Despite the outrageous beauty of some the girls don’t be mislead into thinking that they’re not up for marriage – they sure are! AnastasiaDate has a good track record of marriages and we at Foreign Brides Review were very impressed by there service.

Read our Review of

==>>Click Here to Visit Anastasia Date<<==

Visit AsianBeauties

Best Asian Dating Website – AsianBeauties
Rating: ★★★★½

Mark my word AsianBeauties has the most smoking Chinese and Asian girls you’ll likely ever set eyes upon. A gem of an Asian Dating Site with an excellent database of ladies seeking marriage; you would be crazy not to check it out. AsianBeauties is part of the Anastasia chain so the website features all the bells and whistles you’ll need to successfully hook up with a stunning Eastern lady.

Read our Review of

==>>Click Here to Visit AsianBeauties<<==


Visit AmoLatina

Best Latin Dating Website – AmoLatina
Rating: ★★★★½

AmoLatina is another website in the Anastasia Chain and again they deliver with the most smoking senoritas imaginable. If you are really up for meeting very beautiful latin ladies then AmoLatina is a must to check out. You can really woo these girls too with the excellent interactive features that AmoLatina provides to its members. Highly recommended for any man considering a relationship with ladies of latin descent.

Read our Review of

==>>Click Here to Visit AmoLatina<<==


Cherry Blossoms

Best Asian Introduction Website – Cherry Blossoms
Rating: ★★★★☆

Cherry Blossoms is a good introduction agency for Western gentleman and Asian ladies. Lacking in the featues and service department in comparison to the Anastasia chain it nevertheless is a good alternative – especially if money is tight. Worth checking out on the off chance that you’ll meet your future bride there.

Read our Review of

==>>Click Here to Visit Cherry Blossoms<<==


A Foreign Affair Review

Author: John Jeffries

Rating: ★★★★★

Website Reviewed: A Foreign Affair

Comments: Well established global dating agency

Pros: Broad spectrum of global women

Cons: Not specialised to a particular region

  ==>>Register at A Foreign Affair<<==

A Foreign Affair Review

A Foreign Affair is an international dating forum and website that has been operating since 1995. The primary function of Foreign Affair is to connect men with women residing in countries all throughout the world – from Ukraine, Russia, Latin American, and Asia. The connection that customers make with these women can range from email or telephone communication, to exotic tours of foreign countries where men can meet a huge variety of women in a fun, relaxed and social atmosphere.

A Foreign Affair Review – Membership Features

A Foreign Affair offers a wide variety of options for their customers. Membership exists on several levels, the most basic being free – great for gentlemen who are looking to browse the site and women affiliated with it. This basic membership allows little commitment, and serves those who are curious with the knowledge of the type of women that A Foreign Affair works with.

Platinum membership provides a link for communication with women from around the world – with the chance to contact up to 100 women per month. The communication options, by phone or email, for Platinum members are also available for regular members, but without the flat rate the Platinum take advantage of.

A Foreign Affair Review – Romance Tours

In addition to simply communicating with foreign women, A Foreign Affair offers inclusive romantic tours of many popular destinations. The wide variety of tours provides men the chance to meet and mingle with many different women, while enjoying complimentary food and drink. Tours are available in many different locations, many of which include travel between different cities and countries in a particular region.

The romance and cultural tours that A Foreign Affair offers range from European, Latin America, and Asia. The tours offer men the chance to converse with many women over the course of their stay. Accommodations during a customers stay in the host country include food, airport pickup, full room and board at 5-star hotels, and social parties allowing men to meet literally up to 2000 different women. The tours are, by and large, all-inclusive.

Foreign Affair – A Global Database of Women

A Foreign Affair is designed for men with a taste in foreign women, but without the pushiness of many of its competitors in international dating. One of the most unique features is the variety that Foreign Affair offers their customers. The chance to browse many different women from various foreign locations gives customers a much wider spectrum of cultures and ethnicities.

Many international dating sites are based in a particular region, while Foreign Affair maintains an almost global database of women for men to learn about and potentially form relationships with. The wide variety also gives men the chance to learn about different regions of the world and how the women in these regions differ from one another – especially from cultural standpoint. Visa assistance and customer service covering all aspects of A Foreign Affair are also provided.

A Foreign Affair Review – Costs

The price to register with A Foreign Affair ranges from free (standard membership), to a monthly $29.95 monthly rate for Platinum members. Additionally, Platinum members have a one time $95.00 start-up fee. The cost of the romance tours offered by A Foreign Affair largely depends on location(s) and duration of stay. Typical rates range from about $2,000 – 6,000, which is comparable to many travel agent rates – with the addition of a hospitable experience and engaging activities, and of course plenty of women to socialize with. A Foreign Affair aims to provide men an outlet to meet and develop relationships with a wide variety of women from all over the world.

==>>Click Here For A Foreign Affair<<==

Anastasia Date Review

Author:John Jeffries

Rating: ★★★★½

Website Reviewed: Anastasia Dating Service

Comments: High Class Dating Site specialising in Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European Women

Pros: Hot Women – a site with all the “bells and whistles”

Cons: Advertising in site. Some website features are on the expensive side.


Click HERE to Register at

Anastasia Date Review

The AnastasiaDate website uses a tagline of “bringing the world together”, and it could include the word “easily” at the end. This is, by far, one of the most straightforward and easy to use Russian ladies dating sites around. Everything is done via the sidebar menu that includes options like the “Mailing System”, “Ladies”, and “Services”.

You don’t have to click through half a dozen options before finding what you want at the AnastasiaDate site because each of the categories is permanently expanded as well. For instance, I wanted to know right away if there was an option for Live Chat, and all I had to do was scan the home page to see that, yes, there is an option for Live Chat, plus a lot more.

Anastasia Date Review – Website Services

The website’s services are actually pretty comprehensive and include:

  • Phone Introductions,
  • Flowers & Presents,
  • Live Chat and Live Games (which is a great way to see if you are compatible with one of your preferred ladies),
  • Video Dates
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Invitations
  • Subscriptions

There are also some really cool options for Apartment rentals and Romance Tours. But these two options are for people already involved with one of the ladies from the site and who are actually pursuing a relationship.

Anastasia Date Review – Can You Find a Wife?

Naturally, that leads to questions about the likelihood of relationships developing through the site. What I discovered is that it is relatively easy to begin doing a lot of online dating through this site. This is particularly the case because of the super easy emailing and communications options.

For instance, there is a handy My Contact List that lets you add your preferred dates and gets you in touch with them immediately. There is also a place where all of the “watched Videos” are stored to help you remember your favorite connections too. The Ladies section also contains a “Russian Ladies in USA” link, and that can ensure that your dating doesn’t happen only in the “virtual” world.

AnastasiaDate Review – “Love On The Run”

Communicating in real time with ladies in the United States is also made simpler by the mobile options too. Called “love on the Run” at the site’s main page, it is actually a great mobile chatting system that allows you to create connections with your favorite lady or ladies, and then to communicate with them via a direct SMS! This meant that both me and my preferred contacts could be far away from our computers and yet still talking and messaging each other. This is far and away a totally preferable option over traditional computer based online dating.

Anastasia Date Review – Conclusion

Though the advertising at this site is kept to a minimum, I always hate wading through any clickable ads and trying to figure out if it is something that belongs to the site or not. This site does use some advertising partners and I would say that this was the only “down side” of the entire experience.

The site itself has a strong privacy and anti-scam policy, reasonable fees, and tons of features that made it one I would recommend to any guy interested in finding gorgeous Russian girls who are real and actually available around the clock.
Click HERE to Register at

Amo Latina Review

Author: John Jeffries

Rating: ★★★★½

Website Reviewed:

Comments: Introduction Agency specialising in Hot Latin Women

Pros: Professional services and beautiful latinas

Cons: Too many choices which can be distracting


Click Here to Date Latin Ladies

Amo Latina Review

The Amolatina dating website immediately appealed to me because it features only ladies of Latin descent, which is what I prefer as far as looks go, and because it actually asked me what I wanted from online dating. This was totally different from other experiences that asked me just what “type” of woman I am interested in.

For instance, my profile at the Amolatina site let me choose whether I wanted marriage, ladies for companionship while visiting a region of Latin America, finding a lady good with kids, a long term relationship, a pen pal, a casual friend, or simply online dating and/or flirting. The site was also interested in if I had plans to travel to Latin America and to let me choose whether or not I was interested in receiving calls from the women at the site. Clearly, this was not some sort of scam site or bogus offer, but an actual dating site, and this made me really get involved with all of the features. Review – Website Features

The features themselves are numerous and really quite cool. They are accessed via the sidebar menu that includes options like the “Mailing System”, “Ladies” and “Services”. I wasn’t stuck poking around in a dozen different places to get started with any of the promised offerings, however, because this site has everything organized under the main headings.

This meant I was able to start looking through the lovely ladies at the site and to then begin using the features necessary for real communication. Because my goal with the site is a long term relationship and/or marriage, I got right into the Phone Introductions, Flowers & Presents, Live Chat and Live Games, Video Dates, Virtual Gifts, Invitations, Subscriptions and Tours. This last option is what I consider to be the ultimate tool because it is going to be the best way for me to enjoy one on one meetings after I do find someone that I believe is a “keeper”.

The BIG question then is will I actually meet someone for such a relationship through this site? I can see by the way it is organized that it has been designed especially for people with my same goals, and that it must be very successful. It is difficult not to meet a lot of ladies through the site simply because there is so much direct communication going on. While browsing, I keep the Chat feature minimized because so many ladies seek to communicate (that could be a bit of a downside for the site because it is a bit of a distraction) and I am more focused on reading profiles and looking at photos.

Amo Latina Romance Tours

I did take a long look at the Romance Tours and I have to admit that I believe this is one of the smartest things a guy looking for a long term romance could do. The site makes sure that you get to meet the ladies you have already contacted, plus a lot more. They have all kinds of photos and videos to prove that this is the “real deal” and I am looking forward to booking such a tour in the future.

Until then, I will happily go on video dates, chat with girls I have already found and have an interest in and know that the strong privacy and anti-scam policies, reasonable fees, and excellent features will give me the results I want.

Click Here to Date Latin Ladies

Asian Beauties Review

Author:John Jeffries

Rating: ★★★★½

Website Reviewed:

Comments: Dating Agency specialising in Asian Women particularly from China

Pros: Hot Asian Ladies – the best selection on the net.

Cons: It’s not cheap


Click Here to Find Your Asian Bride!

Asian Beauties Review

There are the standard dating sites and then there are sites like I had really had my fill of the classic dating sites that didn’t give me options for meeting women in the real world. Yes, video dating and chatting has a certain appeal to a shy person like myself, but when I was ready to take the steps necessary for meeting a long term romantic partner I found that this site was the perfect way to do it.

Why? It offers up all of the classic online tools such as Phone Introductions, Flowers & Presents, Live Chat and Live Games, Video Dates, Virtual Gifts, Invitations, and Subscription services, but it also has Tours available too. This was an affordable way for me to get a guided tour that nearly guaranteed that I would meet the perfect lady. offers a different dating service to its competitors

I’ll start at the beginning, however, because I don’t want anyone reading this to overlook the power of the dating site itself. First of all, it appealed to me because it features only ladies of Asian descent. It also asks you to take the time to create an honest personal profile to really ensure that you get what you want from your account. This was totally different from other experiences that asked me just what “type” of woman I am interested in.

For instance, my profile at the site let me indicate if I was looking for a long term relationship, marriage, someone good with children, a pen pal, or just a casual online girlfriend for dates, chats and games. I know that whatever options I selected would have been satisfied by the many offerings at the site.

Asian Beauties Review – Phone Calls and Contacts

Obviously, this would lead to the question of whether or not you can actually meet the types of ladies in which you are interested. I found it super easy to do a ton of online dating through this site. This is particularly due to the easy correspondence and communications options. For instance, there are Phone Calls that you can pre-arrange, a full-feature “My Contacts” list that allows you to add your preferred ladies and gets you in touch with them on a regular basis, and there is a heading for “watched Videos” that lets you take a look at the women you like whenever you want. There is also an “Asian Ladies in the USA” feature that allows you to take your dating from the virtual world to the real one without leaving the country!

Asian Beauties Review – Conclusion

If I had a complaint about the site, which I actually don’t, it would be the way that the Chat feature works. Even though I keep it minimized to reduce distraction, it does show a photograph of any lady trying to get in touch with me when logged into my account. I would prefer that they eliminate this feature because it makes it tough to keep focused on a chat or conversation with one lady while two or three other good looking women keep popping up trying to get my attention!

Click Here to Find Your Asian Bride!

Be Happy International Review

Author: John Jeffries

Rating: ★★★★★

Website Reviewed:

Comments:  Classy Dating Site specialising in Asian, Russian and Latin Women

Pros: Good looking women – 97% customer satisfaction

Cons: A small dating agency compared to its competitors

Be Happy International Review

Be Happy International is a dating website that provides services to successfully match brides to foreign men for the intentions of marrying. They specialize in international dating, marriages, and romance tours. Be Happy is a company known worldwide for their specializations in romantic matching on an international level. On this website you are given the opportunity to be introduced to women from Latin America, Russia, and Asia. This website has been featured on many morning TV news shows as well as in newspapers and radio shows. Their main headquarters is stationed in Tver, Russia although there are now over 24 satellite locations all over the former Soviet Union and the United States as well.

BeHappy International offers its customers many services to assist in matching them with the perfect bride. The phone introduction service allows men to schedule a phone conversation with a lady on the dating website with translation services. Their phone call service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Their Date Me service allows a client to personally meet and have a date with a lady he is interested in. Be Happy will arrange the place, time, and date of the meeting and provide translation services if necessary. Most dates occur in the lady’s hometown. They also offer a flower and gift delivery option that allows a suitor to choose and purchase various gifts for any lady directly through the website. Gift options include chocolates, romantic sets, teddy bears, flowers, perfume and more.

Men seeking brides or potential love interests will find a large selection of benefits for using BeHappy International. Men have the option of creating a Gentleman’s Profile on the website. This allows a client to upload a personal photo and write a short bio about himself that will be viewable by all the women on the dating site. It also allows a lady to make first contact. BeHappy also features exclusive tips to their clients, to further help with the getting to know you process and to promote successful matching of couples. They guarantee your privacy to be secured, and also feature a personal e-mail option to send and receive e-mails through the website to ladies of interest.

In addition to the on-line and personal dating services, BeHappy International also offers Romance Tours. There are three types to choose from. A Full Romance Tour provides travel, accomodations, meetings with ladies and interpreter services. You can choose a custom or social Romance Tour to further customize and maximize your experience.

BeHappy is free to register- you only need to pay for specific services you actually use. Payment is used through the e-mail credit system, and a full explanation of how this works is offered on the website. This dating service is a great alternative for men looking to meet international brides, with a success rate of 97% customer satisfaction.

Cherry Blossoms Review

Author: John Jeffries
Rating: ★★★★☆

Website Reviewed:

Comments: Introduction Dating agency for Western Men and Asian Women

Pros: Introductions to honest and genuine Asian Women

Cons: Women not as foxy as some competing agencies.


Click Here to Register at Cherry Blossoms

Cherry Blossoms Review

Cherry Blossoms  – Company History and Facts is one of the most reliable websites for online dating. It was established 35 years ago as a picture personals magazine. With the invention of the Internet and its increasing popularity, the magazine eventually morphed into what is now more popularly known as

Membership is free for this website, and creating a profile gives you access to more than 61,000 single women and 11,000 single men, a majority of them being Asian. Imagine the possibilities of finding someone who will love you forever.

Cherry Blossoms Review – Profiles

Creating a profile in allows you to view other people who have the same interests as you do. This dating site provides you with a discreet and fun platform to meet other people that you can genuinely get along with. Through its interactive online services, you can send smiles, receive personalized matches and ask questions that can open doors for great relationships.

Cherry Blossoms Review – Website Features

One of the toughest things about finding the ideal partner is meeting people that will match your interests and the kind of person that you are. With Cherry Blossoms, finding your partner becomes a fun thing. By answering simple questions about yourself, the website will automatically send you matches of people who listed similar interests as you listed. This allows you to meet real people that you can share a true connection with. Online dating has never been made less complicated and more exciting with the matchmaking features being offered by

Cherry Blossoms and Visa Support

For couples who have managed to find each other through, arranging for fiancee visa may also be done through the sister company of this website. Just by being a member of this online dating website, you are also able to take advantage of the immigration support that they offer. If you have met that special someone that you want to spend your entire life with, then you will want her or him to get to you as soon as possible. With the visa support found at, this tedious task can be taken care of for as little as $350.

Cherry Blossoms Review – Costs

If you wish to take advantage of the full online dating services of, there is a charge of $29.95 per month. For a five day introduction to the website, you can get a membership for as low as $6.95, while for a full year you only have to shell out $119.95, or choose to pay $9.95 monthly. This is a small price to pay for the real opportunity of finding the love of your life.

The fees outlined cover a full membership to the website, plus you can attend weekly webinars that will help you with your search for your soul mate. Of course, the usual features of an online dating website are included such as advanced match searches, newsletters, bookmarking feature, instant messaging, email messages, testimonials, friends list, virtual kisses, and photo uploads.

Click Here to Register at Cherry Blossoms