Let’s cut the crap and get straight to the point. You want a foreign bride – yeah! You’re into foreign women…And you want to get into those foreign panties as quickly as possible – ha!

Well hit her with 3 questions that turn her on. Flick of a switch guaranteed!

Wow – let’s stop there a minute – I mean you’re telling me that I can make any foreign hottie steam and pout at the flick of a switch.

Yeah Buster – and I don’t mean any old foreign girl – I mean the hottest of the hot – you know the ones that make you chase your tail…doggy style! Those spit roastingly hot ones!

Woe-hoe Joe – tell me more!

Well these 3 questions that turn her on are so simple that you’ll smack you’re brains for missing them, but you know how it is… hardly any guys out there are tuned into these little beauties – that’s why they fail – that’s why they don’t get laid, that’s why they’ll never experience the pleasure of exploding their load over women whom even Zeus would be proud to bed.

Ah whatever – go suck you loser suckers.

But you my friend are a player (or you should be if you’re reading this).

So let me tell you a little secret. My buddy Vince DiCarlo (I call him Vinnie – it’s more mean) has laid it out for you, plain as Jane could be, so that you don’t need to be one of those losers dreaming a dream. BTW I call them loser suckers ‘cos they …um… suck.

Nah! shag the lot of them, rather than suck you can **** –  and man you can have it where ever you want. On a yacht, in the back of your limo, on her Dad’s bed, on top of Mt Everest, whatever – you know where ever tickles your fancy…really! And you can have it with any foreign bitch you want – ah damn that, why not a few of them at the same time – if you’ve got the energy…Yeah you’ll have the energy if I tell you, after you’ve had your wicked way you can lie back, light up your Dravidoff monster while your foreign ladies lick up the mess. Phoaw

Anyhow enough of the soft stuff – lets get down to the hardcore details. These three questions that turn her on…

Yeah these 3 questions that turn her on man – what are they?

Well you don’t expect me to plaster them all over the net for free do ya? I mean lean, mean Vince DiCarlo is not having it (he likes me, Vinnie does – but not that much)  he’s the boss and he needs his cut!

Anyways – had a little word in his ear a few weeks back and said “man, this stuff is Roger rock hard and it’s so damn effective – do ya’ mind if I share a little of it with a few of my mates?”

“Ha!” he says “Your mates JJ – they’re my type for sure and they deserve a little luv success, but I’m buggered if I’m gonna let the cat out the bag – I tell ya what…you give them a little teaser, you know wet their beaks a bit”

Well the boss is the boss and he’s a good boss too, but whatever the boss says goes.

So here we are my friends, a little teaser of the power you’ll have with these power packed punches – by the way, if you still dig a little local pussy from time to time…well…these questions will work a charm with her too.

The ultimate 3 questions that turn her on…

Question No 1

The “Time Line” question – tap her with this one and you’ll have the psychological nous to take her how and where you want.

Question No. 2

The “Sex Line” question – crucial informatics that once mastered will have her squirting her luv stuff all over the bedroom wall.

Question No 3

The “Relationship Line” question – floor her with this and she will literally eat from your right hand while your left hand’s index finger is up her foreign ***.

Ok busters that’s it from me for now

…but wait, before we go, let me ask you a question.

Are you a sucker or a ****er?

If you answered “sucker”  then sod off and don’t come back – you don’t belong here – rather go read some useless “find your mate” advice from Psychic Simone’s Seduction Secrets or whatever – ha, you’ll never learn – loser!

If you answered ****er…then my friend, do as I say.

Go get your wallet and take out your credit card. Click on the link below (yes that’s the thing highlighted in blue under this paragraph) – Watch Vince’s Vid…then place the order and cough up the cash for the secrets that will have every foreign hottie blowing your balls away.

Click Here to Roger THAT!

P.S. you did as I say…yeah…Oh whatever… it’s your life not mine.

P.P.S. BTW Vince is mean (and he makes women scream) but he’s an honest guv too – if it don’t work out for you he’ll probably give you a prompt and courteous refund within the 60 days.