“Dark, Deep, Mysterious and Unexplored” perhaps sums up the continent of Africa. Toss in a bit of “danger” to the mix and maybe you’re looking at a potential African bride.

The African woman, not for everyone, but for the man who has a thirst for her – well, his desire is unquenchable.

I’m not going to beat around the bush here – African Mail Order Brides are a lottery. The cultural gap is enormous and this is often magnified by economic discrepancies. But if you really want an African goddess and I mean really, really want her then you’re just going to have buckle down and run the gauntlet.

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But this, my friend, is half the thrill – because the dangerous dating path you are about to undertake will be one of the most exciting experiences of your life. And anyway what is life without a bit of a buzz… and lets face it the dating game is always played when the stakes are high. It’s just that with African Women the stakes for you are much higher.

6 African Mail Order Brides Countries

There are six primary countries you should target if you’re seeking out hot African women:

  • Ghana
  • Nigeria
  • Kenya
  • Ethiopia
  • Ivory Coast
  • Benin

Ivory Coast and Benin are French speaking countries, the others use English as their administrative language.

African Mail Order Bride Industry

The Mail Order Bride Industry in Africa is relatively new in comparison to Asia and Russia. You will find the infrastructure and service of dating agencies from the African side to be more of a “slap dash” affair. However the agencies we suggest in this website are International companies that run introductions successfully in a number of countries.

Have patience though with these African dating agencies because internet connections are not always reliable for your African ladies. If you’re going to date an African woman you will need a bit of a “laid back” attitude to have success – this applies to online as well as dating her the flesh.

African Women Get Off On Western Guys

Now the other important thing to realise is that you are going to be in hot demand by some smokingly gorgeous ebony girls. Don’t let this go to your head. To have success in dating African women – especially if you are looking for marriage – you will need to be wise and diligent.

But I know what you mean – it can be difficult sometimes to keep check when you have a host of draw dropping African booty demanding you give them your white man lovin’. Explosive images of ebony lust dripping all over your body is enough to make a pious monk go awol.

But however you look at it once you’re up and running on an African Dating Site you will become a much sought after celebrity with significant pulling power. You’ll be able to pick and chose your African princesses as you please. Make a few “luv contacts” and follow it up with a trip to the bush and man I’ll tell ya – you’ll have experiences that even Casanova gonna salute!

So what are you waiting for. If you’ve been stuck in your closet jacking off to a bit too much Ebony **** then get off your backside and sign up to an African Dating Agency. Make those dreams a reality – you’ll be more emotionally and sexually stimulated than almost every other male in America and more importantly you’ll probably become a Sex God in the process.

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