Author: John Jeffries

Rating: ★★★★½

Website Reviewed:

Comments: Introduction Agency specialising in Hot Latin Women

Pros: Professional services and beautiful latinas

Cons: Too many choices which can be distracting


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Amo Latina Review

The Amolatina dating website immediately appealed to me because it features only ladies of Latin descent, which is what I prefer as far as looks go, and because it actually asked me what I wanted from online dating. This was totally different from other experiences that asked me just what “type” of woman I am interested in.

For instance, my profile at the Amolatina site let me choose whether I wanted marriage, ladies for companionship while visiting a region of Latin America, finding a lady good with kids, a long term relationship, a pen pal, a casual friend, or simply online dating and/or flirting. The site was also interested in if I had plans to travel to Latin America and to let me choose whether or not I was interested in receiving calls from the women at the site. Clearly, this was not some sort of scam site or bogus offer, but an actual dating site, and this made me really get involved with all of the features. Review – Website Features

The features themselves are numerous and really quite cool. They are accessed via the sidebar menu that includes options like the “Mailing System”, “Ladies” and “Services”. I wasn’t stuck poking around in a dozen different places to get started with any of the promised offerings, however, because this site has everything organized under the main headings.

This meant I was able to start looking through the lovely ladies at the site and to then begin using the features necessary for real communication. Because my goal with the site is a long term relationship and/or marriage, I got right into the Phone Introductions, Flowers & Presents, Live Chat and Live Games, Video Dates, Virtual Gifts, Invitations, Subscriptions and Tours. This last option is what I consider to be the ultimate tool because it is going to be the best way for me to enjoy one on one meetings after I do find someone that I believe is a “keeper”.

The BIG question then is will I actually meet someone for such a relationship through this site? I can see by the way it is organized that it has been designed especially for people with my same goals, and that it must be very successful. It is difficult not to meet a lot of ladies through the site simply because there is so much direct communication going on. While browsing, I keep the Chat feature minimized because so many ladies seek to communicate (that could be a bit of a downside for the site because it is a bit of a distraction) and I am more focused on reading profiles and looking at photos.

Amo Latina Romance Tours

I did take a long look at the Romance Tours and I have to admit that I believe this is one of the smartest things a guy looking for a long term romance could do. The site makes sure that you get to meet the ladies you have already contacted, plus a lot more. They have all kinds of photos and videos to prove that this is the “real deal” and I am looking forward to booking such a tour in the future.

Until then, I will happily go on video dates, chat with girls I have already found and have an interest in and know that the strong privacy and anti-scam policies, reasonable fees, and excellent features will give me the results I want.

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