Author:John Jeffries

Rating: ★★★★½

Website Reviewed: Anastasia Dating Service

Comments: High Class Dating Site specialising in Russian, Ukrainian and Eastern European Women

Pros: Hot Women – a site with all the “bells and whistles”

Cons: Advertising in site. Some website features are on the expensive side.


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Anastasia Date Review

The AnastasiaDate website uses a tagline of “bringing the world together”, and it could include the word “easily” at the end. This is, by far, one of the most straightforward and easy to use Russian ladies dating sites around. Everything is done via the sidebar menu that includes options like the “Mailing System”, “Ladies”, and “Services”.

You don’t have to click through half a dozen options before finding what you want at the AnastasiaDate site because each of the categories is permanently expanded as well. For instance, I wanted to know right away if there was an option for Live Chat, and all I had to do was scan the home page to see that, yes, there is an option for Live Chat, plus a lot more.

Anastasia Date Review – Website Services

The website’s services are actually pretty comprehensive and include:

  • Phone Introductions,
  • Flowers & Presents,
  • Live Chat and Live Games (which is a great way to see if you are compatible with one of your preferred ladies),
  • Video Dates
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Invitations
  • Subscriptions

There are also some really cool options for Apartment rentals and Romance Tours. But these two options are for people already involved with one of the ladies from the site and who are actually pursuing a relationship.

Anastasia Date Review – Can You Find a Wife?

Naturally, that leads to questions about the likelihood of relationships developing through the site. What I discovered is that it is relatively easy to begin doing a lot of online dating through this site. This is particularly the case because of the super easy emailing and communications options.

For instance, there is a handy My Contact List that lets you add your preferred dates and gets you in touch with them immediately. There is also a place where all of the “watched Videos” are stored to help you remember your favorite connections too. The Ladies section also contains a “Russian Ladies in USA” link, and that can ensure that your dating doesn’t happen only in the “virtual” world.

AnastasiaDate Review – “Love On The Run”

Communicating in real time with ladies in the United States is also made simpler by the mobile options too. Called “love on the Run” at the site’s main page, it is actually a great mobile chatting system that allows you to create connections with your favorite lady or ladies, and then to communicate with them via a direct SMS! This meant that both me and my preferred contacts could be far away from our computers and yet still talking and messaging each other. This is far and away a totally preferable option over traditional computer based online dating.

Anastasia Date Review – Conclusion

Though the advertising at this site is kept to a minimum, I always hate wading through any clickable ads and trying to figure out if it is something that belongs to the site or not. This site does use some advertising partners and I would say that this was the only “down side” of the entire experience.

The site itself has a strong privacy and anti-scam policy, reasonable fees, and tons of features that made it one I would recommend to any guy interested in finding gorgeous Russian girls who are real and actually available around the clock.
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