Start Chatting!The Asian Mail Order Bride Industry is quite large partly due to the high level of population in China. Over the past decade there has been a significant expansion of agencies that specialize in introducing Western men to Asian women. This in itself is not a bad thing but the process of pursuing a potential Eastern bride does require a fair amount of due diligence.

Asian Mail Order Brides generally come from one of five different countries – some English speaking some not. For the purpose of this article we have written a quick synopsis of each country. However if you want to read a specific review of the ladies from each nation then click through on the relevant links.

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Chinese Brides

China obviously has a lot of potential for any western suitor. A fast developing nation which has becoming increasingly cosmopolitan and rich, China has alot of women who are interested in relationships with Western Men. Many such women are well educated and have probably spent some time in the US or UK during their studies. China is definitely a good place to find Asian Mail Order Brides.

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Filipino Brides

The Philippines is also another excellent country for finding Asian Mail Order Brides. Many women from the Philippines speak excellent English and the culture of the country shares many similarites with the West. Quite a few dating agencies run popular romance tours in the Philippines.

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Japanese Brides

Japanese Mail Order Brides are quite difficult to find. Japan despite its economic wealth is naturally quite a traditional country and the concept of an Asian Mail order bride is perhaps a little alien to their culture. There are also linguistic barriers that need to be considered as the majority of Japanese really do not speak much English – you will probably need to learn Japanese instead.

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Thai Brides

Forget the sleaze of Patpong, Bangkok and you could be in for a very nice surprise if you pursue genuine Thai brides interested in marriage. Thailand is a beautiful country with stunning women and a larg majority of the girls do speak pretty good English. Thailand is another great country for finding Asian mail order brides.

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Vietnamese Brides

Vietnam is another beautiful country in South Eastern Asia but it does not possess the same liberated attitude as Thailand. Vietnamese women are extremely traditional and the emphasis on family is paramount in their eyes. Having said this, Vietnam does have a history of inter-cultural marriages (Tiger Woods’ mother is Vietnamese) and there does appear to be an increasing number of mail order brides looking to initially make contact with western men over the net.

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Finding Your Perfect Asian Mail Order Bride

Unless you are living in Asia or alternatively have a strong family connection with Asia you will probably need to use the internet to intially make contact with Asian women. There are many websites and social networking sites where this is possible but like all things on the net you are advised to be careful.

Foreign Brides Review has spent many hours researching the Asian mail order bride industry. In our opinion there are a couple of fully legit and properly resourced dating agencies. Undoubtedly the Rolls Royce in the Asian mail order bride industry is Read our Asian Beauties Review

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