Author:John Jeffries

Rating: ★★★★½

Website Reviewed:

Comments: Dating Agency specialising in Asian Women particularly from China

Pros: Hot Asian Ladies – the best selection on the net.

Cons: It’s not cheap


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Asian Beauties Review

There are the standard dating sites and then there are sites like I had really had my fill of the classic dating sites that didn’t give me options for meeting women in the real world. Yes, video dating and chatting has a certain appeal to a shy person like myself, but when I was ready to take the steps necessary for meeting a long term romantic partner I found that this site was the perfect way to do it.

Why? It offers up all of the classic online tools such as Phone Introductions, Flowers & Presents, Live Chat and Live Games, Video Dates, Virtual Gifts, Invitations, and Subscription services, but it also has Tours available too. This was an affordable way for me to get a guided tour that nearly guaranteed that I would meet the perfect lady. offers a different dating service to its competitors

I’ll start at the beginning, however, because I don’t want anyone reading this to overlook the power of the dating site itself. First of all, it appealed to me because it features only ladies of Asian descent. It also asks you to take the time to create an honest personal profile to really ensure that you get what you want from your account. This was totally different from other experiences that asked me just what “type” of woman I am interested in.

For instance, my profile at the site let me indicate if I was looking for a long term relationship, marriage, someone good with children, a pen pal, or just a casual online girlfriend for dates, chats and games. I know that whatever options I selected would have been satisfied by the many offerings at the site.

Asian Beauties Review – Phone Calls and Contacts

Obviously, this would lead to the question of whether or not you can actually meet the types of ladies in which you are interested. I found it super easy to do a ton of online dating through this site. This is particularly due to the easy correspondence and communications options. For instance, there are Phone Calls that you can pre-arrange, a full-feature “My Contacts” list that allows you to add your preferred ladies and gets you in touch with them on a regular basis, and there is a heading for “watched Videos” that lets you take a look at the women you like whenever you want. There is also an “Asian Ladies in the USA” feature that allows you to take your dating from the virtual world to the real one without leaving the country!

Asian Beauties Review – Conclusion

If I had a complaint about the site, which I actually don’t, it would be the way that the Chat feature works. Even though I keep it minimized to reduce distraction, it does show a photograph of any lady trying to get in touch with me when logged into my account. I would prefer that they eliminate this feature because it makes it tough to keep focused on a chat or conversation with one lady while two or three other good looking women keep popping up trying to get my attention!

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