The women of Central and Eastern Europe are known to be some of the most beautiful and desirable the world over.  Within this small slice of Europe there is a gem of beauty known as the Czech Republic. The women of the Czech Republic possess an elegance and attention to detail that far outshines many of their Eastern European sisters.  Photos of Eva Herzigova and Paulina Porizkova grace many celebrity magazines in worthy tribute to Czech beauty.

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Czech women aim for the highest fashion sense and the streets of cities such as Prague are filled with ladies that looked as if they have stepped off of the pages of Elle and onto its cobblestoned streets. Unlike women of the west, these women utilize public transportation and walk more than they drive which leaves them with toned bodies that are shapely and capable.

Czech brides are also known for their skills in the finer arts of makeup application and pay special attention to the alluring area around the eyes and lips. Though many Czech women are raven haired they choose to bleach their manes blonde in demonstration of the freedom, fun and liberation that they embody.

Areas of Prague such as Mala Strana or Old Town are filled with clubs and bars that keep the women existing in a competitive fashion. This nightly competition on the catwalk of the club circuit is a great benefit for the man who is looking for a Czech woman.

In addition to the natural beauty and sensual nature of the native women, the Czech Republic is home to great universities and schools that attract fine women from all over the world. In addition to their studies, many of these women choose the Czech Republic as their young adult destination because of its reputation for fashion and romance. These college aged girls often remain to live and work in cities like Prague after their graduation which further adds to the already large pool of lovely women that inhabit this country.

A final note about the women of the Czech Republic is that they have not been tainted by the feminism that so resolutely and negatively effects their sisters in the West. The women of Eastern Europe take pride in their feminine charms and many men from Western nations find that this is welcomed and refreshing trait. Economic instability in the region has placed many women with a great desire to meet and have romance with men from other lands who can offer them a better life. When this is coupled with the attractiveness of the women it creates a winning situation for a man who is looking to find a lovely lady from this region of the world.