Start Chatting!Any man who has had success with an Asian woman will understand what is meant when I say:

“There is a Secret to Dating Asian Women”

  • You see dating Asian women is a different game from dating women in your country.
  • Courtship for an Asian woman has a different set of rules from what Western women are accustomed too.
  • Sex has a different meaning from how it is perceived in the West.

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To put it bluntly Asian women think differently.

Yes I know Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, but Asian Women well they’re from a different galaxy!

Let’s look at why they are so different (and alluring) after all when you are dating Asian women you want to be armed with as much “insider knowledge” as possible

  • Asian women’s beliefs, morals and expectations are built on a foundation of Confucism and in a sense they struggle with their own independent identity.
  • Asian women sense of what is important is different – they need to make statements through high fashion and global brands.
  • Asian women’s desire for your attention is not what you would expect either. On early dates they can be remarkably ineffectual.

And let’s be honest here, until you really work out how to use these differences to your advantage; you’ll find it hard to truly unlock your Asian woman’s heart.

Let’s just pause here for a moment and really take in what I’ve just said.

Think about it…because the ramifications are important.

Dating Asian Women – Are You Serious?

If you are serious in you intentions of finding and dating an Asian woman, either as a partner, a wife or as a long term girlfriend, you should weigh these insights with care.

We’re not talking about a different taste in food, or a different sense of fashion.
We’re talking here about the very qualities that make up a relationship.

Consider these questions…

  • How are you going to reconcile a different sense of belief in your partner?
  • How are you going to accommodate a sexual relationship that is being perceived from a different perspective?
  • How are you going to fulfil your Asian woman’s expectations if you don’t know what those expectations are?

Are you going to ask her?

Well you could …

But you’re not going to get an answer because, my friend, that is not how an Asian woman works – No you’re gonna have to work it out for yourself or kiss the idea of an Asian romance goodbye.

Dating Asian Women: Read Between The Lines

Asian women will only tell you what they think you want to hear. They will rarely, if ever tell you what they truly feel.

A problem you may think – well it is and it isn’t…it depends on how you use it…

If you listen to what is said – and believe it, then yes you can fall into trouble, but if you step back and consider what she is saying through the medium of her eyes then you’ll begin to understand the dynamics of your relationship.

Many men have asked me:

“How do you read an Asian woman’s heart?”

My answer is and has always been the same.

Look into her eyes – learn how to perceive them. Understand the emotions that are shielded underneath their depth.

Asian women always avoid eye contact if they can, because they know it is where they are vulnerable. Penetrate them if you can and you’ll begin to understand what your relationship is about – you don’t need fancy words or courtship rituals – you need intense eye contact with her to begin to unlock your Asian beauty’s desires. When you’re dating Asian women this will improve your hit rate.

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