Angel Locsin, Gwen Garci, Myles Hernandes, Marian Rivera – if these names mean anything to you then you’ll know that Filipino Brides are hot.

And if you know anything about Filipino Mail Order Brides then you’ll know the chances of bagging a good un’ are high.

Let’s think about Filipino women for a minute…They’re sexy, slim, cosmopolitan, and charming. Culturally Filipino women are known for their impeccable manners and loyalty to those whom they love. The majority of women from the Philipines speak excellent English and as a nation they dig “Western Culture”.

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Let’s get real here – if these are not the characteristics you’re looking for in a wife then maybe you should visit a shrink!

So why do Filipino Brides want YOU?

Like all women around the world Filipino Brides want a gentleman. A man who cherishes her, cares for her and her family – a man for whom she can be the “apple of his eye”.

Let’s look at a filipino woman’s perspective.

She’s sexy and she knows it. She’s kind, sweethearted and generous. She can speak the western Linguafranca and she has been brought up in a culture that has many parallels with the US.


Many men of her nation are wasteful – not all of course – but bear in mind that the Philipines has an exceptionally high number of single mothers – an indication that the hearts of the men and women of these islands are not aligned.

This characteristic of some Filipino men is so common that they even have a term for it; “The Babaero” – the Filipino playboy. The man who will do anything to cheat on his woman and subsequently destroy the lives of the people he loves.

Well throughout the generations Filipino women have wised up – mothers have told their daughters that they no longer need to tolerate it; rather they should seek out men with integrity regardless of creed or color.

So if you have an inch of decency in you Filipino women will give you ear. But don’t get complacent – many Filipino girls are bright and they will spot men with an ulterior motive almost immediately. Remember she is looking for a man with genuine intentions and if these are “sure thing” she’s gonna get very interested!

Filipino Brides Don’t Do Papal Bashing!

Talking about “creed” you should be aware that the Philipines is a very catholic country with approximately 80% of the population playing fiddle to the Pope. If you are searching for a Filipino Mail Order Bride this has its advantages.

Filipino Girls usually have pure souls – their upbringing has many links with the West and you will find that your moral foundations are built from a similar rock.

Having said this you should tread carefully when assessing your potential Filipino Bride’s religious roots – after all you probably don’t want to be tied into a relationship that’s too puritanical (with either your wife or her family).
I’d also imagine that you won’t want to be crossing heads over the use of contraception etc…

My advice is that when you’re courting a potential Filipino Bride you should explore the issue of Religion (at the appropriate time) so that you can be sure you are both singing from the same hymn sheet.

Are Filipino Brides after the Money?

I’m not going to beat around the bush here. Many Filipino families feel financial constaints – for a nation that is so skilled the pay is pretty dismal.

If your Filipino Bride comes from a large family (remember the majority are Catholic!) there may be times when support will be expected. Again you should make sure you’re informed regarding what is expected from you towards her family and discuss these points with her before getting too serious.

Filipino Brides are generally very honest and are not known as “gold diggers”. So as long as you’ve both have understanding and agreement on financial responsibilities there is no reason why money should be an issue.

I have met many Filipino women on my adventures and travels and in almost all cases I have been touched by their charm and beauty. There is no doubt that they make excellent partners/wifes and if you are interested in women from this part of the world you would be mad not to initiate contact. Remember Filipino mail order brides are currently in Hot Demand!

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