Author: John Jeffries

Rating: ★★★★★

Website Reviewed: A Foreign Affair

Comments: Well established global dating agency

Pros: Broad spectrum of global women

Cons: Not specialised to a particular region

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A Foreign Affair Review

A Foreign Affair is an international dating forum and website that has been operating since 1995. The primary function of Foreign Affair is to connect men with women residing in countries all throughout the world – from Ukraine, Russia, Latin American, and Asia. The connection that customers make with these women can range from email or telephone communication, to exotic tours of foreign countries where men can meet a huge variety of women in a fun, relaxed and social atmosphere.

A Foreign Affair Review – Membership Features

A Foreign Affair offers a wide variety of options for their customers. Membership exists on several levels, the most basic being free – great for gentlemen who are looking to browse the site and women affiliated with it. This basic membership allows little commitment, and serves those who are curious with the knowledge of the type of women that A Foreign Affair works with.

Platinum membership provides a link for communication with women from around the world – with the chance to contact up to 100 women per month. The communication options, by phone or email, for Platinum members are also available for regular members, but without the flat rate the Platinum take advantage of.

A Foreign Affair Review – Romance Tours

In addition to simply communicating with foreign women, A Foreign Affair offers inclusive romantic tours of many popular destinations. The wide variety of tours provides men the chance to meet and mingle with many different women, while enjoying complimentary food and drink. Tours are available in many different locations, many of which include travel between different cities and countries in a particular region.

The romance and cultural tours that A Foreign Affair offers range from European, Latin America, and Asia. The tours offer men the chance to converse with many women over the course of their stay. Accommodations during a customers stay in the host country include food, airport pickup, full room and board at 5-star hotels, and social parties allowing men to meet literally up to 2000 different women. The tours are, by and large, all-inclusive.

Foreign Affair – A Global Database of Women

A Foreign Affair is designed for men with a taste in foreign women, but without the pushiness of many of its competitors in international dating. One of the most unique features is the variety that Foreign Affair offers their customers. The chance to browse many different women from various foreign locations gives customers a much wider spectrum of cultures and ethnicities.

Many international dating sites are based in a particular region, while Foreign Affair maintains an almost global database of women for men to learn about and potentially form relationships with. The wide variety also gives men the chance to learn about different regions of the world and how the women in these regions differ from one another – especially from cultural standpoint. Visa assistance and customer service covering all aspects of A Foreign Affair are also provided.

A Foreign Affair Review – Costs

The price to register with A Foreign Affair ranges from free (standard membership), to a monthly $29.95 monthly rate for Platinum members. Additionally, Platinum members have a one time $95.00 start-up fee. The cost of the romance tours offered by A Foreign Affair largely depends on location(s) and duration of stay. Typical rates range from about $2,000 – 6,000, which is comparable to many travel agent rates – with the addition of a hospitable experience and engaging activities, and of course plenty of women to socialize with. A Foreign Affair aims to provide men an outlet to meet and develop relationships with a wide variety of women from all over the world.

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