Ghana Girls are hot. There are no two ways about it. If you have ever been to this great country in Western Africa you will know what I mean.

But for the purpose of this article I’m gonna presume you’ve never set foot in West Africa – in fact I’ll take it that all you really know about African women are the Beyonce like celebs that grace MTV and perhaps a little raincoat viewing of dodgy ebony sites.

Well the day you arrive in Ghana you’ll be in for a very pleasant surprise – especially if you like women. You see Ghana girls are amongst the most friendly women on the planet – and their friendliness is not the creepy “I’ll go to bed with you if you give me your wallet” type. No – they are genuinely friendly to guys without heavy ulterior motives.

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Of course if you take a fancy to a couple of them then the goal posts will begin to move. But perhaps not in the way you would expect. They’ll want your attention, in the way a guy is gonna appreciate it!

How to Date Ghana Girls?

It really is a case of loosening your tie and unbuttoning your shirt, kicking back and chilling – Bob Marley style. Forget the business suit and formal “I’m a very respectable chap who works at Goldman Sachs – let me take you out for a good time” stuff. Yup, you’re gonna need a bit of that laid back African swagger to pull the very best that Ghana has to offer. And let me tell you she has a lot to offer.

Ghana Women – A Royal Reputation!

In fact Ghana girls are known throughout Africa as being the very best in the continent. Ghana’s past president John Kufuor had a habit of boasting this fact to visiting dignitaries. And according to President Mugabe, his buddy Prince Charles was pretty bowled over by the charms of Ghana’s women too – roll over Camilla!

Well I’m gonna add my say to these mighty figures of public life:

“Ghana girls rock! And there b****y hot!”

There you have it – Myself, Prince Charles, Mugabe and President Kufuor are all telling you to check out these beauties of Africa!

Women Seeking Men In Ghana

Well surprise, surprise – Ghana men like Ghana women too. But the type of woman that attracts the locals is a little different to the tastes of most western guys. They want the ultra big mama with lots of folds – in Africa such obesiety is regarded as health. Now don’t get me wrong I like a  babe with booty – but not the size of an elephant. So if your taste is healthy by western standards you’ll find plenty of pickings without challenging the egos of Ghana’s men.

So How Do You Go About Getting Your Ghana Girl?

Well you could put out your cigarette, belt up and make the exciting journey to one of Africa’s most magical countries, but that may initially be a bit far fetched unless you’re posted on some Peace Corps mission or something. Better to do a bit of ground work from the comfort of your armchair and get dating with some sexy Ghana girls on the net.

It’s so easy and you’re gonna get some great totty demanding your attention – I mean has anyone told you how hot some of these African mail order brides are – it’s the best kept secret in online dating! Just avoid sending any money to the women until you have met them face to face and you will be in for a mind blowing experience. Then get out there and have the time of your life! You’ll truly understand what I mean when I say Ghana girls are the hottest women in Africa.

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