If you want to learn how to date Asian women then the first thing you need to do is find an Asian woman to date.

Simple isn’t it?

Well not really…‘cos although there are more Asian women on the planet than any other, most don’t speak great English.

And unless you live in China or Japan or somewhere else exotic in the East getting access to real Asian beauties is not that simple.

Unless, of course,


Join an Asian Dating Agency

Now you’ve got your free ones which we don’t recommend because the quality ain’t great and the chances of getting ripped off in the long run is high.


You’ve got premium dating agencies – where you’re gonna meet some top Asian tottie! Plus you have an infrastructure which will protect you if any issues arise.


So let’s take it that you’re all signed in. You’re profile is up (and looking good) and your beginning to realise:

“Wow – there are some seriously gorgeous ladies to pick from”

Clang – indecision, indecision – what do I do?

Well friend, get dating

  • chat,
  • relax,
  • enjoy and be yourself

Find those ladies who you’re sharing chemistry with…and then go for it

OK so let’s consider some things you should do during your early dating spree

5 Tips on How to date Asian Women

  1. Be a little bit rough around the edges. Any Asian woman who is up for some foreign man dating is gonna be open minded. She’s looking for a “real man” and expects things to be a little unpredictable. Don’t be a fake gentleman – be kind, considerate and attentive for sure, but a bit rough and imperfect too – it will turn her on
  2. DO EMOTION – Asian women inherit huge filial pressure and really struggle to find emotional channels to let off steam. She really, really wants to know how to do it. You however have been brought up in the independent West where “anything goes” and emotional feelings are far from repressed. Show her your emotional maturity, guide her feelings and thoughts and she’ll be seriously finding it difficult to avoid falling for you.
  3. DO RELIGION – Forget all that crap written about “you should never discuss religion with women from China” Let me tell you a secret…She really wants know. It fascinates her, it intrigues her…Virgin births, priests, bells and incense…play this right and you’ll have her confessing her heart in no time.
  4. BREACH THE SUBJECT OF SEX…Yes, bring it up discreetly early on in your conversation – nothing crude of course – but address it, plant it in her mind.
  5. TOUCH HER – When you say good bye – touch her softly either on her ass or (if you’re not so confident) just above her waistline on her back. It’s important she feels your touch – she’ll remember and acknowledge it in her mind. It will set you up for more intimate encounters on the next date.

Yes, I know this is not the usual dating advice you’ll read in those crappy magazines. But trust me I have dated and known a lot of Asian women and I know how to date Asian women with success. Follow these sure fire tips and you’ll be well on your way to a taste of Asian Heaven.

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