Chat Online Now!The archetypal Japanese bride is stunningly portrayed in Puccini’s opera “Madame Butterfly” premiered in 1904.  How things have changed.  Japanese mail order brides are no longer quite as tragic or dependent as Puccini would have you believe. Nevertheless the beauty of the Italian composer’s opera has left a mark on many.

Move forward 60 years or so and you will find another great musician inspired by a Japanese Woman.  John Lennon’s marriage to Yoko Ono was controversial for its time. But despite all the bad press their marriage was built with love. You don’t write songs like “All you need is Love” and “The Ballad of  John and Yoko” without a great woman by your side.

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So what is it about Japanese Women that has inspired so many?

Ever since the opening of trade routes between East and West the Japanese woman has held an exotic lure over the western mind.  The image of her serenity, beauty and poise coupled with the difficulty of obtaining her affections has driven many ambitious men wild.

Such desire is captured poignantly in Francois Girard’s 2007 film “Silk”. Michael Pitt’s longing for a Japanese mistress (acted by Sei Ashina) is only natural – I mean what man would not be spell bound by a woman with such penetratingly beautiful eyes.

The Japanese Geisha

Japanese women’s history is often associated with the ancient heritage of  The Geisha.

Perhaps much misunderstood by the West a Geisha was in fact a woman trained as a performing artist. Her performances were exclusively for men but did not necessarily include sexual favours. Many of the highest class Geishas’ were chaste. The blending of  the role of a Geisha and a coutesan though did become more prevalant in the 19th Century.

Modern Japanese Women

Japan is a very different country now – booming, cosmopolitan and rich. Of course its people have changed too but some traditions die hard – the philandering Japanese business man and the dutiful Japanese Wife are still a very present reality.

Japanese brides are known throughout Asia as being an extremely good catch.  There is a saying that to date a Chinese woman is good for your stomach – you will be served the best food in the World. But to marry a Japanese woman is good for your heart – you will receive an intensity of love unsurpased by any woman of the world.

Finding a Japanese Wife

Finding a Japanese Bride though is no easy task. Unlike many other Asian Countries there is not a massive Mail order bride business in place and good introduction agencies are few and far between – though we list a couple of good ones at the bottom of this article.

Having said this many Japanese women are very interested in becoming acquainted with a Western man. If you were to live in Japan for a year you would be guaranteed to date Japanese women and would be surprised at how forthright and outgoing they are once they get to know you. Unfortunately hoping on the next plane to Tokyo in the hope of finding a Japanese wife is perhaps not the most rational way to go about it.

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