Nigerian women smell nice, and I mean real nice…it must be some oil they rub into their bodies but man it’s damn nice! You know, if you have a nose for scents, smells, and all the whistles and bells that come with it…well… you’re gonna enjoy the olfactory pleasures of your Nigerian lady – that’s for sure.

But damn it! – these international dating sites…you know you can see her, chat her up, listen to her voice, even watch a few vids of her pouting and posing (sometimes in a gold g-string bikini). But smell her? Nah – not yet – Bill Gates just hasn’t mastered it. And until he does – well…you’ll never truly understand her erotic lure, her fabulously musky fragrance – that dusky odor of the bush – You Tarzan She Jane…!

Damn those hot black girls they do something to the mind – the Nigerian girls though are the worst offenders – you know they just make that white stuff in my throbbing head go whoosh! Like some kundalini explosion –Aristotle logic out the window, tantric testosterone just buzzing through the veins completely out of control.

==>>Date Nigerian Women!

Get a hold of yourself boy! After all you’re here to give some objective and informed advice on the pros and perils of dating African Nigerian women. Yeah?

Ha! Chance would be a fine thing – you think you can keep a clear mind when you’re nose deep into an African bush…dream on!

No seriously… Nigerian Women…

slow down…slow down…

Yes seriously…you need to be careful with these girls – and by that I mean real careful to. There are so many pitfalls, so many erroneous zones, so many ways to trip up. Erroneous zones or erogenous zones – what do they mean? – Well, sod it, with African girls they both mean the same damn thing…DANGER!

Yeah! DANGER, so man, where do ya get your danger kicks?

You like sky diving yeah, snowboarded the Matterhorn, did your time in Nam or Kuwait? Had some punk point a gun at your head – yeah I’m impressed, you think you’re hard, you think you know Danger – listen mate you don’t know nothing yet. Get on the next flight to Lagos, load up your pistol Pete and start blasting those black booties with your best bombastic bullets – then come back to your sterile suburban hole and tell me whether those Lagos lasses gave you the most exhilarating ride of your life…Sure they did…It’s pure unadulterated DANGER! The stuff every wannabe porn star dreams off…and boy you’ve just done it with style.

Ha! Nigerian Girls – Not for the man without balls -yeah?

Anyway for the rest of you there is important stuff you should know about dating Nigerian Women online. Personals are hot in West Africa – and when I say hot I don’t exclusively mean RED HOT (though of course that’s true too). Nah, I mean hot popular – in fact you can go as far to say that Nigeria and couple of her neighbours have the most thriving online dating scene on the planet. It’s the place to go (virtually speaking) if you want to hook up with a ton of English speaking foreign brides. And boy they are all keen to meet you!

It really doesn’t matter if you have a belly the size of a rhinoceros or a shlong the size of a peanut – you will, and I really mean it, you’ll get some smoking attention from some stunning black Nigerian babes. WIDE EYES SHUT!

So what’s it to be? Are you man enough to give it a go?  Do you dare to take the risk? The Nigerian girls are awaiting…each man is a law unto himself!

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