russian bridesThe concept of the so-called “mail-order bride” has been around for centuries. Many of the immigrants who came to the Americas used a similar system to find brides once they were established.

Although the phenomenon of the Russian Mail Order Bride is not new – even Nostradamus probably didn’t forsee the enormous impact these ladies have had on America’s dating scene in the past decade. Perhaps more surprising is the growing number of really successful marriages between American men and Russian women.

With the advent of modern technology and the widespread use of the internet, finding a “mail-order” bride is not much different from standard internet dating.

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Modern Russian Mail Order Brides

Unlike the old style of finding an overseas bride, the variety of sites online allow a perspective husband and wife to see and communicate with each other before ever choosing to take the final step. Thousands of profiles allow those seeking a Russian bride to find one that has similar interests and tastes as them. Various services provided by these unique dating sites make the process even easier.

Sometimes, for those who can afford it, there are even large meet-and-greet gatherings where a man can go to see and talk with women face-to-face. Unlike standard dating sites, the men and women who are on Russian bride sites are there knowing exactly what they want. There are no dating games, simply a search for someone whom one can spend the rest of their life with.

Misconceptions about Russian Women Seeking Marriage

There are some misconceptions about the validity of Russian bride sites that still plague people. Many think that the bride is only seeking citizenship and is not interested in finding someone to love. The statistics show that this is not true by any means. Success rates of these marriages are higher than those of “normal” marriages. When one is looking for a lifetime companion, finding the right one and not just jumping in is important and the choice to get married is a serious one, not just a romantic whim of the moment.

Use Common Sense when Dating Russian Brides online

Like any internet business, those who provide the services of finding Russian brides have their ups and downs. One should not just look at the pictures and choose the hottest girl. Frequently these sites use professional photographers as part of their services to the bride-to-be.

A man should make sure to look at the profile and communicate with a girl he likes, to find out who she really is. Learning a little Russian to ease this process can work wonders. The costs and types of services that are offered from site to site can be vastly different, but to one with enough money these costs can be well worth paying when it means a lifetime of happiness.

Thousands of years ago brides were sold, but today we have more control over who we love and marry. The Russian overseas bride services are simply a new evolution of finding love in a world that grows closer and closer with every passing year. Sometimes like-minded people can only be found half-a-world away and a Russian bride may be the perfect soul-mate that a man has been looking for.

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