Unfortunately when many men think of Thai brides, images appear of ping pong balls, go-go girls, ladyboys and Patpong – the seedy red light district in Bangkok.

Well let’s put the record straight, this, in the majority of cases, is not the life of a Thai mail order bride.  Rather you should be thinking of the stunning middle and upper class Thai actresses that grace the country’s tabloids; Tata Young, Siriyakorn Pukkaves, Pum Dolarus and Nok Ussanee to name but a few.

These beautiful women give you a good idea of the gems that await you when you start contacting Thai mail order brides over the net. Genuine South East Asian beauties!

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Lets have a quick look at the characteristics of Thai women:

  • Sexy – yes
  • Slim – you bet
  • Tanned – of course
  • Desirable – well what do you think?

Thai Brides – The Compassionate Ones!

But Thai brides are not just physically stunning, underneath the surface many also possess a beautiful heart.  Compassion, perhaps is a word that springs to mind.  A nation that has its roots in Buddhism unsurprisingly produces a wealth of women whose morals and simplicity of life are built on the precepts of the famous mendicant. For this very reason Thailand has attracted many a Western Man seeking out an alternative life with a Thai Bride.

Thai Mail Order Brides – A Little History

In the past Thai brides marrying into a western family would have been ridiculed by their relatives.  But from the early 1970s a new acceptance emerged.  Maybe this was due to the Vietnam War, but perhaps more realistically it was a natural progression that many Asian countries experienced through this time.

Now with the acceptance and availability of cross cultural marriages it is a dream of many Thai women to hook a western man.  But this doesn’t mean that every Thai lady is gonna lay herself wide open to the advances of an American.

No, Thai Mail Order Brides usually come from “better to do” families based in urban centers. She will likely be cosmopolitan, savy and into Western culture; she’s gonna need to be wooed like any respectable woman and the same rules of dating apply to her as they would to any beautiful lady.

So what does this mean to you if you’re counting on catching Thai bride?

Thai mail order brides are fully conscious of their country’s tarnished “sex tourism” image; so any potential suitor is going to need to show his intentions through common sense dating etiquette.

  • Patience – she may be hot as hell but initially you are gonna need to bridle your passion.
  • Chivalry – treat her with gifts and flowers and cherish her for who she is.
  • Honesty – be truthful with your Thai Bride – as you progress with your courtship make sure you express your intentions and discuss fully any cultural issues that could become a bigger problem in the future.

Thai Brides – A Life Of Sunshine And Sex?

Winning a Thai bride is a great prize in itself, but don’t forget with her comes a wonderful country.  Thailand is known world over for its beaches and simple way of life.  As a country it is easy to access and has great food and a buzzing tourist scene.

“Sex, sand and sunshine” are symbols of the hedonistic idyll that Thailand can become, but for a foreigner there are different ways to explore this.  One such way is dirty and grim and leads to the annihilation of your soul.  The other is rightful and honorable, is shared with a woman you love and potentially leads to a fulfilled life.

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