Talk Now!Vietnamese mail order brides are different from many of their Asian counterparts, primarily because they are very traditional by nature.

Most Vietnamese brides are brought up with strong family values based on kinship – a Confucian system of inter-family relationships that can be bewildering to an outsider.

The basics are simple enough though;

  • she will show deep devotion towards her parents
  • obedience and love towards her husband
  • and sympathetic motherly care for her children and loved ones

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When dating a Vietnamese bride, you need to be very aware how importantly Vietnamese people regard their culture.  This very fact will in some senses dictate the rules of your courtship.  The rather free spirited dating that takes place in America or the UK has no place in Vietnam.

So what are Vietnamese Brides looking for in YOU?

Manners – the old fashioned courtesy that a man used to pay toward a woman is going to be much appreciated by Vietnamese women.  Simple things such as opening a door for your lady or removing her shawl from behind her shoulders will be noticed. Little touches like giving her small gifts or flowers will also endear her towards you.

But when you show your appreciation of her don’t forget to be natural to yourself! Vietnamese Brides, like all women, can feel when a man is going over the top or is acting in a way that is not true to himself. Also be aware that some courtesies may go unnoticed or perhaps be a little “taboo” due to cultural differences. If she likes you she will let you know when you’re over stepping the mark.

A Definite No-go!

Certain characteristics I can guarantee will not reflect well in your Vietnamese Bride’s eyes. If you smoke or drink excessively in her presence she is not going to be interested. The same goes for being lecherous, foul mouthed or rude.  Vietnamese women are looking for a man that upholds a pure and morally sound life – not a lost western vagabond.

Vietnamese Brides in Marriage

Because Vietnamese brides maintain a strong connection with tradition, you’ll find that in marriage a Vietnamese woman will fulfill all the actions of an “old fashioned wife”.  She will cook for you, do the washing, the cleaning and pretty much all the domestic chores.  She will take care of the children, and dutifully maintain relationships with all your contacts, family and friends.

You’ll find her exceptionally resourceful and perhaps at times a little over obedient.  But do remember the tradition of a homemaker is deeply embedded in her psyche and, lets be honest, you’re a lucky man to be the object of her affection! Don’t abuse her kindness though or you may be in for a rough ride.

Vietnamese Brides Are Different

The phenomenonal development of Asian mail order brides has reflected the the opening up of many Eastern nations.  China, Japan and Thailand all have women who are reaching out to the west.  They’re hungry for western culture and hungry for change.  They’re ready to rebel against the perceived “norms” of their respective countries.  They are driven to become cosmopolitan women that share in an international society.

Vietnam however is a little different.  Vietnamese mail order brides are more culturally inward and are not driven by the need to be western.   Rather their availablity for western men is motivated more towards finding true love –  but not at the expense of sacrificing their culture.

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