Pity the pretty Asian bride who through no fault of her own managed to entice some world-famous film star into marriage. She will always be scorned and humiliated in ink. Senior newspaper editors will muse while lounging in their leather bonded coasters “let us put that asian tart up for public flagellation – that will surely generate readership and sales!”

Or what about an Eastern beauty whose arm was fated to be shared buy a billionaire tycoon – she’ll be afforded some protection for sure, her husband will exert the necessary authority. But under the radar every hostess in society will spread gossip amidst glamorous cocktail parties, that the petite Asian sylph is nothing more than a “me luv you long time sex girl on tap”.

It’s pretty horrid stuff when you think about it but unfortunately it is a true reality. And quite a few Asian women have already been subjected to it.

But not all Asian Brides help their cause…

The Ballad of Wendi Deng Murdoch

Well Wendi Deng Murdoch’s husband doesn’t need a lengthy introduction. He has been plastered all over his own newspapers for shenanigans with mobile phones. Just in case you’ve been on planet Mars for the past few months he hasn’t been done for a bit of “tampon talk” aka Prince Charles.

No! The News of the Screws got stripped from the presses for far more serious matters. His female management and senior members of the British police got caught with their pants down.
“Public disgrace” the mob rallied. “Indecent and questionable ethics!” coughed politicians. “Off with their heads” chirped in The Queen.

Anyway the beauty of News Corps breaking story has been the heightened emergence of his wife Wendi. She stoically supported her Papa Rupe during his public inquisition at the hands of that mighty British Government. The public did not know what to make of it but the gossip mags were red hot with slanderous jealousy. “Trophy Wife” they screamed; perhaps not being aware that she is the Patron Saint of Yale School of Management. Saint or no Saint (and we’ll get into that in a minute) it would have taken a hard-hearted woman to not admire her “Stand by my man” attitude.

But does this “stand by my man” attitude run throughout Whispering Wendi’s romantic engagements?


I’m sad to report that the Saint of Yale is no Saint of inter-cultural marriage. Let’s scroll back a few decades to Deng’s humble routes in Hangzhou, China where an American couple – The Cherry’s – befriended her in exchange for Chinese lessons. The couple’s sponsorship of an American student visa soon followed and before long Miss Wendi was whiling away the hours at California State University.

So far so good – but clearly Economics at CSU was not demanding enough for such an ambitious and focused Asian kitten – so she set her sights on less ethical prey, her sponsor, Mr Cherry. Poor Mrs Cherry was not amused and kicked her out the house in the hope that her husband would come to his senses. Chance would be a fine thing! Sadly Mr Cherry followed his young Asian blossom to the altar only to get divorced a couple of years later.

Mr Cherry later lamented “we were only together for a couple of months”

And what about Wendi Deng…

She secured a green card on the back of the marriage and moved on to become perhaps the Ultimate Asian mail order bride!